General Job Description for an Accounting Intern

In today's educational and professional culture, internship jobs are virtually de rigueur. This comes as no surprise as our world is as much about specialization in a particular profession as much as it is about developing a well-rounded individual. And so, you must gain practical experience in which to apply your theoretical learning even as you are working towards your degree by engaging in a variety of intern jobs with different companies.

Ease of Finding Internship Programs

One of the professional fields where an internship program is necessary for graduation is accounting. Since it touches almost all human endeavors especially in business, accounting students often find it easier than most to find jobs as interns across many industries. However, the more popular venues for internship jobs remain to be accounting and auditing firms although other companies in diverse sectors like construction and art galleries also offer interns jobs.

Plus, there is also the fact that your college will provide assistance in placing you with the right companies, thanks to prior agreements. Just as long as you are enrolled in the college's accounting program and you meet all the qualifications of the company offering the internship program, then you have just found yourself a job as an intern.

Matters of Salary and Benefits

However, you should keep in mind that interns may or may not be paid with a salary commensurate to the jobs being performed. If you are a paid intern, then you can either be a fully paid or a partially paid one in the form of a stipend or allowance. Still, pay or no pay, the right choice of the companies in which you are performing internship jobs can lead to many doors of employment opportunities opening up for you.

This is because slots for internship jobs especially in the prestigious law, accounting and auditing firms are highly competitive and the work is highly demanding. Thus, even if you choose to look for jobs in other companies/industries, the prestige and experience gained are more than enough compensation. Indeed, you will find interns jobs can lead to full-time, high-paying, high-flying work!

And remember that all these benefits, past and future can be had in only a short amount of time. Many internship programs typically last just a semester at one go but the practical experience is almost priceless.

Job Responsibilities

It cannot be overemphasized that internship jobs are still J-O-B-S. As such, you have to work as part of a team, perform your assigned duties and behave in a professional manner. After all, your job as an intern is preparation for the time when you, too, can become like your supervisors and co-office workers in the very near future.

As an accounting intern, you will be asked to perform jobs that include but are not limited to the following:
  • Keep track of accounts receivables and payables through aging of accounts, assist in sending out and replying to demand letters, and maintain records for said accounts.
  • Set up new accounts in the books
  • Enter financial transactions in the books of accounts under the supervision of the regular bookkeeper
  • Assist in the preparation of internal reports
Internship jobs are excellent ways to gain practical experience in the world of accounting and auditing. It offers a way with which you can determine your future specialization.
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